Land Park Bungalow



Land Park, Sacramento, CA

Project Type



Architecture, Interior Design

Remodel of the original 1923 kitchen and laundry in a cute Land Park bungalow to create breathable indoor-outdoor space that is functional and inviting.

Craftsman meets contemporary.

Kitchen with deck connection.

This small remodel reclaimed inefficient compartments of space to create an open concept kitchen, breakfast nook, laundry and bar area that connects to the existing outdoor dining space on this craftsman bungalow in Land Park. Efficient use of space allowed us to maximize the function and social space in a small footprint, and we prioritized day to day use as much as the homeowners’ desire to have an inviting social space. The eclectic decor and variety of finishes are a perfect reflection of the homeowner’s excellent sense of style and taste in art!

Functional wall: hidden laundry, bar, fridge and espresso. Original stained glass door beyond.

Bar shelving.

Coffee bar. Orginial stained glass door beyond.

Breakfast nook.

Apron sink and green tile.

Puppy toes on terracotta.

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