Sarah Golden Studio



Oak Park, Sacramento

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Architecture, Interior Design, Design-Build

Sarah is an abstract painter who had been dreaming of her home studio for years. We collaborated with her on the vision for this voluminous daylit studio featuring wonderfully even light, a huge painting wall and cozy loft for her office and lounge.

Gallery corner

Cozy loft above the studio space

The project took off before the world shut down due to a global pandemic, but with our goal in mind, we persevered. Nearly two years after our work began, the studio’s grand opening was beautifully celebrated with Sac Open Studios.  

The studio design started with a goal to move Sarah’s growing business from a rented space to her own backyard. The space is voluminous and bright with 21 windows and glass doors on exterior walls enclosing only 760 SF.  A 15’ tall wall at the low end of a butterfly roof creates an opportunity to work on large, immersive abstract canvases. The south-facing loft receives warm daylight while the one and a half story art studio benefits primarily from northern diffuse light perfect for painting. Concrete floors, clean white walls and warm exposed wood are the backdrop for creativity in this contemporary art studio. This private artist’s retreat is a revitalizing space that is flexible – a functional workshop that supports heads-down hard work, yet inviting enough to be a gallery space for friends to visit.

Custom shelf railing of humble materials

Stair to the loft

High windows bring daylight to the studio

Clean lines, dark siding and warm wood accents

Connection to the yard

An inviting entry to the gallery

Storage and paint sink under the stair


Photography by: Amanda Bellamy

Interior Design by: Studio Oxeye, Sarah Golden

Construction by: gib design build

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